Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Accidental Occupation of Northridge

So it was a pretty standard day. Halloween day. I was at school, a few people were dressed up, nothing weird. So I get out of class, and I'm walking to my car, when all of a sudden this guy comes around the corner. He has no shirt on, a red scarf, brown fur pants, and he's carrying a red umbrella. After a few moments of thinking, I deduced that he must be Mr. Tumnus, the faun from the Chronicles of Narnia. I thought to myself "oh, cool! That's unique." I continue on towards the parking lot (on the opposite side of campus), and Mr. Tumnus seems to be going the same way. I end up "following" him for a ways, when suddenly this group of people, what I believe at first to be a costume parade of sorts, begins marching around the corner. Mr. Tumnus and myself get swept into the "parade", and we continue on our way. (They were, at the time, proceeding in the same direction as I was, so I went with them.) A few minutes into our procession, the "parade" people hold up cardboard signs, and start up a chant. I look around, trying to see what the signs say. One said "Banks got bailed out. Students got sold out." among a few others with similar sentiments. The chant rose up, and I quickly realized I was accidentally involved in an "Occupy Northridge" march. I thought it would be in my best interest to get out of it as quickly as possible, but the group was going in the same direction I was, and they were headed straight to the parking lot where my car was. For 15 minutes I was stuck in this protest. At last, I reached my car, and the protesters proceeded to the bank across the street. It was at this point that the cops showed up. I got in my car and quickly left, right as the cops started to intervene. And that is the last time I will ever follow Mr. Tumnus anywhere.

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