Saturday, December 3, 2011

December the Third

On this day, some years ago, Dixie Joann Mulligan was born to parents Leslie and Gloris Mulligan. On that day of her birth, no one could have predicted what sort of an impact Dixie would have on people, and how she would touch the lives of everyone around her. Dixie Thompson is one of the most caring people to walk the planet. Anyone is privileged to call her "friend". She will go out of her way to make people feel loved and comfortable. A stay-at-home mom, (a job that is seriously underestimated and not given enough credit these days) she spends her time running the household, cooking marvelous dinners, packing school and work lunches, vacuuming (her favorite hahaha) and cleaning the house, and most importantly incessantly caring for and loving her family. The only job she does better than taking care of the house is the job of Mom. There have been days when I've come home from school, dragged my sorry carcass to my "room" (if it can be called that; it sort of resembles the garbage disposal scene from Star Wars most of the time), fully expecting it to be in the disastrous state that I left it in, and, lo and behold, the room is cleaned spic and span, the bed made, and sometimes a favorite candy bar on the bed. It's those days that I realize just how much I should appreciate her. Not because of what she does for me, but because of the beautiful heart the Lord has given her. I don't express nearly enough to her the depth of my love and gratitude for her and everything she does, and that's quite regrettable. The truth of the matter is, not a day goes by that I don't thank God for placing me in her care. Even though I don't say it enough, I love her to the moon and back, and appreciate everything she does. Having her for a mother is one of the greatest blessings in my life. Beyond being my mother, she's my Mom, my best friend, and Mai Dixee. She's always there for me when I need to talk, always willing to sacrifice time to be with me and go to coffee or taco-bell (haha :P) and always ready to pray for me. I can't even fathom having any other mother; I have it so good, why should I even try? The best and happiest times are when I'm with her and my brother Brian, just joking around, being the ridiculous people we are. Making her laugh is so rewarding, she has the best smile and laugh! There aren't too many people that I love as much as I love my mom Dixie. She is kind, loving, funny, quirky, adorable, wonderful, faithful, lovely, and beautiful. But best of all, she's my Mom.

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