Saturday, December 10, 2011

My Beautiful Bri Child

     I have a younger brother. His name is Brian, and he's the best kid in the world. He's 18, a senior in high school, and currently works in Walgreens. Brian has autism spectrum disorder, which basically means that he doesn't learn or function as quickly as everyone else. There are social delays, as well as struggles with dysgraphia and math skills. Despite these obstacles, he's really grown a lot these past few years, in all areas of his life. He's thriving in school and at his job (stocking shelves), is now able to talk to people/make eye contact, and is confident and happy with life. God has really blessed us with him; to see this huge growth in him is so wonderful and awe-inspiring!
     Beyond his accomplishments, he simply adores me (for reasons unbeknownst to mankind haha). As kids, I was really mean to him, and even resented him. He still loved me and toddled after me, looking up to me both literally and figuratively, at that point. Years past, he grew taller, I grew tolerant. We began seeing eye-to-eye, both literally and figuratively. I began to understand that he was different, and cut him some slack. Things between us were less volatile. He still adored me, I just sort of put up with him. He grew taller yet, now a few inches taller than I. At this point in our lives, I became his protector. Something happened in my heart, and I "took him under my wing", if you will. I saw him in a new light; not someone that annoyed me, but someone that needed me. More years pass, he's now 6'+, almost an entire foot taller than I. He still looks up to me, but now, I look up to him in every way. I love this child more than anyone on the planet. He's now my protector, although heaven knows I'd raise Cain if anything/anyone messed with him. If he finds out that someone or something bothered me/hurt me, he gets very upset, and tries to comfort me, then explains how he's gonna go out there and "beat them down" hahaha. (He's the most docile kid ever, so the thought of him beating anyone down is quite amusing.) Just today, I had a bad experience with a professor. He overheard my mom talking about it, and got very upset. Later today, we were at burger king, and i ordered a small drink, and he ordered a large drink. The lady handed us the cups, and he looked at the two, and said "Oh! it's backwards. You should have the bigger cup because you were sad today." Now, understand that soda is this boy's favourite thing in the world haha. Him offering me the big drink speaks volumes about his feelings regarding the situation. 
    He always proudly announces me to his friends and coworkers, pointing to me and saying "this is my sister", like I'm the Pope or something. He sure knows how to make me feel appreciated. The other day, mom was rummaging in his backpack to look for a paper, and she found a card. She mistakenly gave it to me, so I opened it. It was a Christmas card, to me, with drawings inside and the words "Merry Christmas, best gas station friend!" (i take him to the gas station to get sodas sometimes, which he apparently greatly appreciates.) I quietly slid the card back into its envelope, and put the card back in the backpack. It turns out he was going to mail it to our house, so I could have a card to open. (I've been asking if there's anything in the mail for me lately; he must have picked up on that and wanted to send me something so i could have something to open.) It's just the little things he does like that for me that endear me to him. My most cherished times are when I take him to get a drink, and go for a drive around the chatsworth reservoir, when he talks to me about what's on his mind, tells me little jokes he comes up with during the day, and reveals his secrets that he tells nobody else. The Lord has blessed me by putting him into my life, giving him to me as a brother. He is my special and beloved child, and I only hope I can live up to his ridiculously high expectations of me. He thinks the world of me, but what he'll never know is that I think even more highly of him. He is the sweetest, most loving and giving child ever. If I can be even a fraction of his wonderfulness, if I can bless someone even half as much as he has blessed me, I will be blessed.

He's my brother, my best friend, and he's my Bri Child.

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